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Enjoy Your Stress-Free Ski Vacation

HWY 40 Ski Delivery has simplified the online ski rental process to less than 5 minutes by removing all the cumbersome paperwork and fitting info. All that’s required at booking is the number of ski rental packages and the dates you’ll be on the mountain. That’s it! Then we’ll email you for the remaining documentation that can be completed at your convenience at any point before your first ski day–and it can be done by the individual members of your party. Easy peasy.

No calling your friend to ask their weight and shoe size. No signing endless waivers. No 45-minute online reservations. Now put that Utah ski trip on the calendar!

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Making First Chair Possible

The rental shop is just one more stop between you and the snow, and you know the drill. Everyone wants to be on the mountain at the same time and that means that 50 people are all walking into the shop at 8:45 AM. But not you. You’re still in bed. Your skis were delivered to you last night and suddenly sleep and First Chair are no longer mutually exclusive.

Looks like someone just became the vacation hero.

Premium Ski & Snowboard Equipment

First and foremost, we are a company of skiers. We’re pow lovers who obsess about ski tuning and drool over the latest gear. Luckily for you that means we only carry the best brands and the highest quality skis, poles, snowboards and boots.

When you rent from HWY 40 Ski Delivery you know you’ll be perfectly fitted with top tier equipment that’s been waxed, prepped and inspected to ensure your day on the mountain is safe and incredible.

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2022/2023 Season Ski Equipment*

Base Ski Rental Package

Rossignol Experience RTL 


Mountain Ski Rental Package

Rossignol Experience 80 (Men’s and Women’s)

Head Absolute Joy (Women’s)

Head V6 (Men’s) 

Nordica Astral 78 (Women’s)

Kastle DX-85 (Men’s and Women’s)


Summit Ski Rental Package

Rossignol Experience 84 (Men’s and Women’s) 

Rossignol Experience 88 (Men’s) 

Rossignol Sender (Men’s)

Head Total Joy (women’s)

Head Super Joy Womens

Head V10 (Men’s) 

Head Kore 105 (Men’s)

Head Kore 99 (Men’s)

Head I Rally (Men’s)

Nordica Enforcer 88

Nordica Enforcer 94

Nordica Enforcer 100

Nordica Enforcer 104 Free

Nordica Enforcer 110 

Nordica Santa Ana 93

Nordica Santa Ana 100 

Scott Slight 93

Scott Slight 100 

Elite Ski Rental Package

Stockli Storm Rider 95 

Stockli Laser AX

Stockli Nela 88 (Women’s)

Kastle MX-88

DPS Foundation Wailer 100 

DPS Foundation Wailer 106

DPS Foundation Yvette 100

DPS Foundation Uschi 87


Jr. Base Ski Rental Package 

Rossignol Terrain 

Head Soup Head 


Jr. Mountain Ski Rental Package

Nordica Soul Rider 

Nordica Enforcer 80 

Head Kore 87


*Equipment List Not Exhaustive