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We Are Skivangelists

a person standing next to a fence

Get to the mountain already.

The Park City mountain culture is in our bones and we share a relentless passion for converting others to skiing. We want you to feel what we feel. We don’t want you to merely have a trip, we want you to have an experience–an experience where the mountain changes you. 

But nobody has fond memories of throbbing feet and adventure was never found in the rental shop. With HWY 40 Ski Delivery, you find time to lose yourself. 

Wander. Roam. Explore. Experience.

Follow the Locals

Nobody knows Park City skiing like those who live here and HWY 40 Ski Delivery is the definition of local. From the owner-operator down to each delivery technician, our staff is composed entirely of Beehive State skiers. No transplants. No newbs. No posers. We are Utah. 

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